Cake Oven

Cake Oven will be unlocked at level 21. You can buy it for 12.100 and it will take 1 day  to build or 47 diamonds. When ready you get 24 experience points.

You can make the following products: carrot cakes, cream cakes, red berry cakes, cheesecakes, strawberry cakes, chocolate cakes, potato feta cakes, honey apple cakes, lemon cakes and fruit cakes


Cake oven is a little the same as the pie oven. Big difference it makes cakes LOL. When you reach level 21 you can buy it for the somewhat strange amount of 12.100 coins. Same as with the pie oven, many products you can make are not that easy and some are. The cheese cake is the topper in the category difficult. The red berry cake is often for sale in the DD, you can skip this one when you are at a higher level. Now you need to save as much coins you can because a lot you need the next 20 levels.

The cake oven looks very solid and heavy. It is just as big as the pie oven and for some reason nice to place them together on the farm. It is also very easy to find them because they are big. When you mastered the cake oven the accessoires getting a nice golden - greenish look and the golden star is shown on the cloth on the table (I did see that earlier ;-).

PR-rating: A/1

1h30min / *** 1h16min

165 Coinspng /  20 Experiencepng

PR-rating: A/1

3h / *** 2h33min

219 Coinspng /  26 Experiencepng

PR-rating: B/I

1h / *** 51min

255 Coinspng /  31 Experiencepng

PR-rating: C/I

4h / *** 3h24min 

284 Coinspng /  34 Experiencepng

PR-rating: A/I

3h / *** 2h33min

316 Coinspng /  38 Experiencepng

PR-rating: C/2

2h / *** 1h42min

320 Coinspng /  38 Experiencepng

PR-rating: B/I

2h / *** 1h42min

309 Coinspng /  37 Experiencepng

PR-rating: C/I

3h40min / *** 2h50min

482 Coinspng /  57 Experiencepng

PR-rating: B/I

2h30min / *** 2h07min

896 Coinspng /  107 Experiencepng

PR-rating: C/5

3h / *** 2h33min 

450 Coinspng /  54 Experiencepng


When you buy the cake oven you will get 2 slots for making your products. Unlocking the third slot will cost you 6 diamonds. Each extra slot will cost you 3 extra diamonds. In total you can buy 7 extra slots for in total 105 diamonds.

The products you make in the cake oven take some time to make so buying extra slots is not the first thing you need to do. If you have some spare diamonds you can buy 1 or 2 extra slots but maybe you need to wait with that.

Focus Points

  • Red berry cake, carrot cake and cream cake you sometime in the DD but buying is not recommended when you are on this level;
  • Amount asked on boat orders varies from 1 to 3 depends how many crates and on what level you are. Keep between 3 to 6 on stock is advised. When you fill crates on a boat make sure you gonna make new ones;
  • On truck orders products are asked a lot be smart with full filling the orders;
  • You need ingredients to make in other production machines it is important to have them on stock;
  • Downside, mostly all products take a lot of time to make.

65 hours


260 hours


1.040 hours

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