Dairy will be unlocked at level 6. For the most players the Dairy is one of the most important production buildings in Hay Day. You will love it and "hate" it at the same time. Not because of the looks but simply how much you need to make with it.

You can make the following products: 

Cream, Butter, Cheese, Goat Cheese. Not that hard but you need soooooo much ;-)


That's fast.....already level 6 and there is your big beautiful Dairy. It's pretty big and it looks like a barn but more sophisticated. The Dairy cost you 50 coins but you will have to wait for 2 hours before using it. Give it a nice place because you will need it a lot..;-)

When you mastered your Dairy some parts are turned into gold and not forget the golden star will be on the side of the building.  

PR-rating: B/1

20min / *** 17min

50 Coinspng /  6 Experiencepng

PR-rating: B/2

30min / *** 25min

82 Coinspng /  10 Experiencepng

PR-rating: B/1

1h / *** 51min

122 Coinspng /  15 Experiencepng

PR-rating: A/1

1h30min / *** 1h16min / 

162 Coinspng /  19 Experiencepng


When you buy the Dairy you will get 2 slots for making your products. When you want more, and you really can use more, you have to buy them with diamonds. Each extra slot will cost you 3 extra diamonds. The 3rd slot cost you 6 diamonds the 4th slot cost you 9 diamonds until you reach 9 slots. In total you will have to spend 105 diamonds.

When you save up some diamonds it's a really good investment that you buy extra slots in your Dairy. The products you can make are easy to make and won't cost that much time. When you reach higher levels you will need lots of cream, butter and cheese. In the beginning you can make it but when you get further you will need extra slots to make it somewhat easier.

Focus Points

  • The Dairy is one of the "running" machines within Hay Day. Just keep this one loaded;
  • Making cream, butter and cheese is not for selling but for making other products;
  • Keep making feed in the Feed Mill because you need the milk from the cows a lot;
  • When boats arrive and ask for cream or other products from the Dairy, send it away. Not worth coins and experience points anyway;
  • Downside is you need lots of milk so keep your cows happy and make lots of cow feed. Every hour your cows can give milk.

40 hours


120 hours


360 hours

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