Feed Mill

Feed Mills are unlocked at level 3 and the second one at level 12.

This machine makes feed for your animals within Hay Day. Chicken, cows, pigs, sheep, goats and wheat bundle for your animals in your sanctuary (available in your Town when you reach reputation level 3). 


The Feed Mill is a large building. You need lot of space to place this one. It's one of the biggest buildings in Hay Day. It takes a really long time to master this machine but when it's done it shows you golden parts and a nice big golden star on top of the mixer. 

5min / *** 4min

7 Coinspng /  1 Experiencepng

10min / *** 8min

14 Coinspng /  2 Experiencepng

20min / *** 17min

14 Coinspng /  Experiencepng

30min / *** 25min 

14 Coinspng /  3 Experiencepng

40min / *** 34min

14 Coinspng /  3 Experiencepng

1h 30min / *** 1h 16min

50 Coinspng /  10 Experiencepng


When you buy the Feed Mills you have 3 slots available to make your feed. When you gonna make 3 (x3=9) chicken feed it's gonna take 15 minutes to make. Your chickens are ready in 20 minutes and when you have 18 chickens you will need to make 6 (x3=18) chicken feed. When you only have one Feed Mill it's not gonna work or even when you have 2 it's hard.

When you save up some diamonds it's a really good investment that you buy extra slots in your Feed Mill. You can buy up to 6 slots. The 4th slot will cost you 9 diamonds. For every extra slot you will have to pay extra 3 diamonds. In total you need 99 diamonds to unlock all the slots from one Feed Mill.

Focus Points

  • The Feed Mill is also one of the "running" machines family, be sure that you have enough crops to fill with...;-) ;
  • Get feed on stock as many animals you have. Example: If you have 6 chickens, have 6 feed in stock and so fourth;
  • Feed sells good in your shop for full price but it's very profitable;
  • When you do the Derby there is a feeding task, easy todo but a lot of work;
  • Downside: Making the feed is going fast and with 2 slots available it's hard to get extra stock.

120 hours


840 hours


5880 hours

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