Sugar Mill

Sugar Mill will be unlocked at level 7. For the most players the Sugar Mill is one of the most important production buildings in Hay Day. You will need lots of sugar for many products...;-)

You can make the following products: 

brown sugar, white sugar and syrup. Not that hard to make but you need soooooo much ;-)


This would be building four already. You need 350 coins and it needs some time to finish (6 hours) but after that you can fill up your slots with making the sugars. The machine is not that big so you can place it on small area. Be clever and place it not that far away or out of sight, because you need to keep it working;-)

When you mastered your Dairy some parts are turned into sort of lime gold color and not forget the golden star will be on the front of this beautiful smallish machine.  

PR-rating: A/1

20min / *** 17min

32 Coinspng /  4 Experiencepng

PR-rating: A/1

40min / *** 34min

50 Coinspng /  6 Experiencepng

PR-rating: A/1

1h30min / *** 1h16min / 

90 Coinspng /  11 Experiencepng


When you buy the Sugar Mill you will get 2 slots for making your products. When you want more, and you really can use more, you have to buy them with diamonds. Each extra slot will cost you 3 extra diamonds. The 3rd slot cost you 6 diamonds the 4th slot cost you 9 diamonds until you reach 9 slots. In total you will have to spend 105 diamonds.

When you save up some diamonds it's a really good investment that you buy extra slots in your sugar mill. The products are easy to make and high in demand. In the beginning you can make it but when you get further you will need extra slots to make it somewhat easier.

Focus Points

  • The sugar mill is also one of the "running" machines within Hay Day. Just keep this one loaded;
  • Making the sugars and syrup is not for selling but for making other products;
  • Don't forget to crow sugar cane because it's the only ingredient you need;
  • When boats arrive and ask for the sugars or syrup, send them away. Not worth coins and experience points anyway;
  • Downside is that you need a lot, products are not so profitable. If you want more slots it will cost you some diamonds.

25 hours


100 hours


400 hours

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