Cinema is the second building you unlock at reputation level 2. You have to buy it for 3500 coins and you have to wait  a lot longer now, 5 hours and 30 minutes pfff.

The cinema is a very popular place to go so stock up your popcorn and pizza. The Dutch word for cinema is bioscoop

What makes your visitors happy?

Upgrading your town buildings (with a smile)

Each building has four different features you can upgrade like slots, coins, experience and time.

  • Slots: to get more demanding town visitors in the same building at the same time, from 1 initially to a maximum of 6.
  • Coins: to squeeze more money from the town visitors to fill your own pocket, from +5% to +60%.
  • Experience and reputation: to increase the amount of Experience and Reputation points earned per visitor, from +5% to +60%.
  • Time: to get rid of your visitors faster so they won't spend to much time in your building, from -5% to -40%.

  • When the cinema is at level 1, serving time is 3 hours and you will earn 11 Reputation ;
  • After upgrading the serving time can be max 40% faster this will be 1 hour 48 minutes;
  • You can upgrade to max 60% extra Reputation and Experience you will get 7 extra Reputation points so that will be max 18 Reputation for each visitor.


Following items are needed

Focus Points Cinema

  • You don't get so many experience and reputation points so upgrading will help.

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