Your Personal Train

When you reach reputation level 4 you can begin to repair your personal train (visitor train). You have to pay 13.000 coins and repair time is 6 hours.

Below you see different stages of the personal train. First is still broken down and the others are fixed and part levelled up. With the personal train you can pick up visitors from your neighbours. 

What you need to know

Before you can use your personal train you need to participate in a neighbourhood. The personal train can only pick up visitors form other neighbours town. When your EGGsexpress Train brings visitors to your town they need to visit 2 or 3 service buildings. When they are ready or you send them away other neighbours can pick up these visitors with their personal train. You can pick up visitors from other neighbours.

Before you want to pick up visitors with your personal train its better to know what service buildings have free places. You can pick up visitors from different neighbours. When you tap on your personal train you can see which neighbours you can pick up visitors. When you tap on a neighbour you will go to their town. Choose the visitors wisely. If you can pick up more visitors tap the train icon again and visit another neighbour and pick up the visitors you want to bring to your town. Repeat this until your train is full.

When your personal train is full don't forget to look for a freebie in the sea. Sometimes there is a floating chest in the sea. When you tap on it, it can give you a freebie. When you visit your neighbours town often it can also be locked. When its locked you can open the chest with diamonds.

---> Below you will see some treasures we find in the sea ;-)<----

Upgrading Personal Train

Every time you level up in your town (reputation) you can upgrade or level up your personal train. You can upgrade two different features from your Personal Train. Let's explain below what these are:

Shorten Maintenance Time

When you level up your maintenance time it will bring down the time it takes to get your train ready again for departure. You can decrease  30 minutes of time with every level up. You can decrease maintenance time to max or minimum of 90 minutes, depends how you look at it. Every 90 minutes you can send your personal train to pick visitors in your neighbours towns. Keep in mind that you need enough space in your town. Town can hold up 42 visitors at max.

Increase capacity personal train

You can also choose to upgrade the capacity in your personal train. Every time you go up in level in your town you can decide what to upgrade. Shorten your maintenance time or get more capacity. You can upgrade your train to a max 10 visitors. When you have enough space in your town you can pick up a maximum of 10 visitors from your neighbours. With the multi pick up feature you can pick up visitors from multiple neighbours town (see images above).

If you want to upgrade you need bars from the smelters. Every upgrade you need different bars. 

---> Below you see the items you need to upgrade and how many <----

Focus Points

  • When you want to level up your Personal Train be sure to level up your Town Hall as well. All needs to be in balance otherwise you will get stuck;
  • Important that you need to help your visitors or that you send them away, this way other neighbours can pick your visitors;
  • Get as many visitors from your neighbours, they only need to visit 1 service building and will give you a freebie as well (less demanding).

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