Bakery is the first production machine in Hay Day. It is one of the machines you will use the most on either low and higher level in Hay Day. 


It is not that hard to open up the bakery because it is one of the buildings the Wicker scarecrow teaches you how to work with it. You didn't even see what the price was you need to pay for it. was the enormous amount of 20 coins.

The bakery is not that big and clumsy and you should place it not that far from the other buildings you need to make a lot of products in. Bread is the magic word in the beginning when you are on low level in your farm but that will change to more products as you progress in Hay Day.

When you make enough products the bakery will transform a little. This means you get more coins, experience and it makes the products a little faster. We call that mastering the machine. Look at the picture on the right. A golden star appears and the bricks looks somewhat darker. Really awesome!  

PR-rating: A/1

5min / *** 4min

21 Coinspng /  3 Experiencepng

PR-rating: A/3

30min / *** 25min

72 Coinspng /  8 Experiencepng

PR-rating: B/I

1h / *** 51min

104 Coinspng /  13 Experiencepng

PR-rating: B/I

45min / *** 38min

140 Coinspng /  17 Experiencepng

PR-rating: B/2

45min / *** 38min

226 Coinspng /  27 Experiencepng

PR-rating: B/I

15min / *** 12min

190 Coinspng /  23 Experiencepng

PR-rating: B/I

15min / *** 12min

226 Coinspng /  27 Experiencepng

PR-rating: C/3

45min / *** 38min

284 Coinspng /  34 Experiencepng

PR-rating: C/I

15min / *** 12min

403 Coinspng /  48 Experiencepng

PR-rating: B/3

30min / *** 25min

424 Coinspng /  50 Experiencepng


When you buy the Bakery you will get 3 slots for making your products. When you want more, and you really can use more, you have to buy them with diamonds. Each extra slot will cost you 3 extra diamonds. The 3rd slot cost you 6 diamonds the 4th slot cost you 9 diamonds until you reach 9 slots. In total you will have to spend 81 diamonds.

When you save up some diamonds it's a really good investment that you buy extra slots in your Bakery. The products you can make are easy to make and won't cost that much time. When you reach higher levels you will need lots of cream, butter and cheese. In the beginning you can make it but when you get further you will need extra slots to make it somewhat easier.

Focus Points

  • The Bakery is one of the so called "Running Machines", just keep it loaded with products. Time flies with this machine;
  • Making coins is very important so make lots of bread with this machine because it is fast and you will earn 216 coins for 10 bread;
  • Why bread, easy to make because you only need 3 wheat and for heating you will earn upgrade materials and farm materials, I call them FREEBIES;
  • Boats will arrive at level 17. (if you repair the dock). You need to make lots of bread because boats are very demanding;
  • There is a downside: You need to make pizza's in this machine and although it is not hard to make you still need the cheese as for the other pizza's tomatoes, lobster tail and fish.

  • 35 hours


    140 hours


    560 hours

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