45min / *** 38min

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Potato Bread

When you reach level 39 you can make the potato bread. When you see what you need to make it will hit you in your face. 2 product from two important production machines. 

Ingredients to make it: 2 potatoes, 1 bag of white sugar, 3 eggs and 1 butter.

PR-rating: C/3

Do-ability (A t/m F)

When you think about moist and soft you think off course about the potato bread. Before I can make the potato bread I need to visit my scary and very old grandmother in the woods for some white sugar. She is a little weird sometimes. She thinks that she is still young. Often when I arrive at her place and watch thru her window I see that she is working on her bikini line with her electric shaver. That image I will never lose again. But I am happy I got the special white sugar.

For the butter I need to go to my old pappa Joe. He feeds his cows with something special and the butter he makes is so delicious. I did try to tickle it out of him but he won't tell me the secret recipe. This time I lose, still I am happy that I got the butter.

Now I have the ingredients I can make the potato bread. Is it easy? What do you think? When you have the ingredients in stock it's no problem but most of the time it is difficult to have enough in stock. For do-ability it gets a C-rating. 2 products you need from the 2 most important production machines.

Steps to make it:

  1. Grow potatoes (3 hours 40 minutes)
  2. Make 1 white sugar (38 minutes)
  3. Make 1 butter  (30 minutes);
  4. Get the eggs (20 minutes);
  5. Make 1 potato bread (45 minutes).
Total Time from scratch:
4h25m just for 1 potato bread, every extra potato bread will take 45 minutes longer as long you grow more potatoes and make the products you need in advance. Some ingredients you can make at the same time that will save some time.  When mastered you can save only 7 minutes on the potato bread. Every extra bread is 38 minutes.

Profitability (1 t/m 6)

Potato bread is not a product to think of when you talk about profit. Maybe it's a little hard to make because of the butter and white sugar. Let's explain this so you can decide.

For 10 potato bread 7h30m, when mastered 6h20m. In 7 hours 30 minutes about 2844 coins is not bad at all. When you sell 10 butter you get 828 coins, 10 white sugar is 504 coins and 30 eggs are in total 3x180=540 coins. In total 828+504+540=1872 coins. 

When you take that from 2844 coins you earn a extra 972 coins when you sell the potato bread. I don't sell my potatoes, you need them a lot and selling stops you making products. Not all products you make are for selling. So for profitability it gets a 3-rating because it can definitely be profitable.

Earnings in 60 time:

  • Bakery can make 2 potato bread in 1h30m = 568 coins (68 Exp.) approx. 1 hour it is about 378,7 (45,3 Exp.) 
  • Bakery*** make 10 potato bread in 6h20m  = 2844 coins (340 Exp.) approx. 1 hour it is about 449 coins (53,7 Exp.)   

When items exceed the 1 hour we calculate approx. values. Note that hourly earnings are only the maximum items and under perfect playing conditions. Extra slots can help with that.

Truck orders & Boat orders

  • Depending on level, boats require 3 to 6 moist and soft potato breads for each crate.
  • Potato bread are often a target on truck orders.

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