The EGGspress Train

Your town is unlocked when you reach level 34. When you fix the station the train is a free gift or something that is part of the train station. The train will bring you visitors to your town. 

Below you see what happens when you upgrade your Train Station. First you get extra train coupe with window at a maximum of 3. after that you get an extra passenger car and you can get 3 extra passengers. You can have 5 passenger cars. In the last one there are only 2 places for visitors. Think they are really expensive train coupes ;-)

What you need to know

The EEGsexpress train can bring 3 visitors to your town. When you upgrade your train station it can bring you more visitors to a maximum of 14. The EGGSexpress train arrives every 6 hours but you will have to be in your town. When you visit your town after 24 hours, the EGGsexpress train will arrive immediately. When you visit your town often you will have more visitors to your town.

The EGGsexpress train can only bring visitor to your town max. When your Town Hall is upgraded to a certain level to hold 24 visitors in your town and their are still 20 visitors in your town. The EGGsexpress train can bring you a maximum of 4 visitors even when there is more capacity in your train. When the EGGsexpress train arrives it will bring home all the visitors that are on the platform 9 3/4. Even the visitors that can be picked up by your neighbors with the personal train.

Upgrading Train Station

When you want more visitors to your train you will have to upgrade your train station. Every time you go higher in level the EGGsexpress train can bring more visitors to your town. The items you need for the upgrade are only earned in your town helping your visitors in the serving buildings. When a visitor is ready you can get a expansion item you need to upgrade your train station 

---> Below you see the items you need to upgrade with <----

Focus Points

  • When you want to level up your EEGsexpress Train be sure to level up your Town Hall as well. All needs to be in balance otherwise you will get stuck;
  • Even when you don't want to help your visitors let them come in with the EEGsexpress train because when you send them away your neighbors can pick them up with their personal train;
  • Its much easier to help only visitors that need to visit 2 buildings. This way you can save some products and still get the freebies form the visitors when they are ready.

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