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Apple Pie

You are 10 levels higher and now you can make the fourth pie. The famous apple pie.  There is always something to celebrate so make some apple pie's for you neighbours I would say.

Ingredients to make it: 3 apples, 1 syrup, 2 wheat and 1 egg

PR-rating: C/2

Do-ability (A t/m F) 

When you reach level 28 you already know that you need some items for making products. Apple trees are not only nice to have on the farm but also necessary for the apples to make products. The same is with the syrup. We talked about selling the syrup but that is something you don't wanna do.

For the do-ability we need to explain how we come to a certain outcome. First you need to buy the apple trees, you need to wait for 16 hours for the first batch. You need to grow crops like sugar cane, corn and wheat for making syrup and feed for your chickens. Every 20 minutes you can get the eggs from your chickens. Difficult? NOT at ALL but some work is needed and syrup is hard to make when you also need much brown and white sugars. 

Think a B-rating is to easy for apple pie because of the syrup. That's why I think the  apple pie deserves a C-rating for do-ability. 

Steps to make it:

  1. Grow wheat on your crop fields (2 minutes);
  2. Buy a apple tree and let that grow (16 hours);
  3. Get the Eggs (25 minutes);
  4. Make 1 syrup (1 hour 30 minutes);
  5. Make 1 apple pie (2 hours 30 minutes).
Total Time from scratch:
18h30m for 1 fapple pie, every extra apple pie is 2 hours 30 minutes. When mastered you can save 27 minutes on making the apple pie. Every extra apple pie will take 2 hour 7 minutes.

Profitability (1 t/m 6)

You need to make apple pie because boat and truck orders are asking for that a lot. Also your town peeps are demanding apple pie.

First: netto price (minus investment)

Now we know what you have to invest we can calculate the profit. Making 10 apple pie's, you will earn 2.700 coins. 1 apple tree will cost you 160 coins and it will give you 13 apples. Each apple will cost you 12 coins. 30 apples are 360 coins. Profit is 2.700 - 369 = 2.331 coins.

Second: selling and add. Profit?

Making 10 apple pie's, you will earn 2.700 coins. We need 30 apples (1.188 coins) and 10 syrup (900 coins) and 10 eggs (180 coins). Extra profit is 2.700 - ((1.188-369) + 900 + 180) = +/- 801 coins. The extra coins you make is not that bad for making apple pie's.

Profitability rating is 2.

Earnings in 60 time:

  • Pie Oven makes 1 apple pie in 2h30m = 270 coins (32 Exp.) approx. 1 hour it is about 108 coins (12,8 Exp.);
  • Pie Oven makes 10 apple pie in 21h10m  = 2.700 coins (320 Exp.) approx. 1 hour it is about 127,6 coins (15,1 Exp.).

When items exceed the 1 hour we calculate approx. values. Note that hourly earnings are only the maximum items and under perfect playing conditions. Extra slots can help with that. You need to invest and buy some apple trees.

Truck orders & Boat orders

  • Depending on level boats require 1 to 3 apple pie's for each crate.
  • Apple pie is a product that is asked a lot on truck orders. Most of the time it's a part of the total order asked. 

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