30min / *** 25min

424 Coinspng /  50 Experiencepng

Banana Bread

This is just so awesome. You reached level 91. Banana bread is so easy to make but you have to visit banana mama.

Ingredients to make it: 3 bananas, 2 grapes, 1 egg and 1 wheat.

PR-rating: B/3

Do-ability (A t/m F)

It's late and you sneak out the window and climbed down the pipes to the lower grounds. You walk as quiet as you can to your neighbours fence. There is a big brutal dog on there backyard. You don't want to wake him up because he will run you over and lick all over your face, brrrr. You climb over the fence and walk to the chicken hence. You open the hedge and get the eggs you need. Yes you say very quietly but oeps, the hedge falls down with a bang. In the back you hear the big brutal dog barking and that becomes louder and louder. You run as a fox to the fence and run straight up to your room. In your room you do the victory dance and say that mission impossible is a succes.

Grapes are not that difficult. Your mother knows a friend that likes to make, and drink, wine. When she is a little tipsy she will give you the best grapes there are.
When you need bananas you only need to visit mama banana on her beautiful plantage. She keeps all the men at work to grow the most beautiful banana trees. You can get some bananas too, she only wants to give you a big juicy smack on your cheek:-)
For do-ability we give the banana bread a B-rating.

Steps to make it:

  1. Buy banana trees and place them on your farm (27 hours);
  2. Grow grapes on your crop fields (3 hours)
  3. Grow wheat on your crop fields (2 minutes)
  4. Get the eggs (20 minutes)
  5. Make 1 banana bread (30 minutes)
Total Time from scratch:
27h30m for 1 banana bread, every extra banana bread will be 30m longer. When mastered you can save 5 minutes on the banana bread. Every extra banana bread will take 25 minutes.

Profitability (1 t/m 6)

Banana bread is fun to make. You need bananas and grapes but they are really awesome to grow on your farm. The banana trees will cost you each 800 coins but you will buy them anyway. It makes your farm more beautiful as it already is. 

For 10 banana bread you need 5 hours, when mastered 4h10m, depends how many slots you opened on your bakery. You are now on level 91 so you will have the bakery mastered. In 4 hours 10 minutes about 4240 coins? Nice you can say that. You can sell your bananas and grapes but it's more fun to make delicious products.  So for profitability I will give it a 3-rating.

Earnings in 60 time:

  • Bakery can make 2 banana bread in 1h = 848 coins (100 Exp.) 
  • Bakery*** makes 10 banana bread in 4h10m  = 4240 coins (500 Exp.) approx. 1 hour it is about 1017,6 coins (120 Exp.)   

When items exceed the 1 hour we calculate approx. values. Note that hourly earnings are only the maximum items and under perfect playing conditions. Extra slots can help with that. You have to invest 800 coins for every banana tree. Every banana tree gives you in total 13 bananas.

Truck orders & Boat orders

  • Depending on level, boats require 2 to 5 pieces of banana bread.
  • Banana bread is often asked on the truck order board. Usually they ask different products in 1 order.

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