15min / *** 12min

190 Coinspng /  23 Experiencepng


When you reach level 33 you can make your own pizza's. You don't have to call New York Pizza or Pizza Hut anymore. Only small-ish thing is......you need cheese ;-(

Ingredients to make it: 1 cheese, 1 tomato and 2 wheat.

PR-rating: B/1

Do-ability (A t/m F)

Making the pizza is easy but there is a catch. You need to make the cheese first. You have to get under your cow to get the milk and after this adventure you can go to the dairy to make the cheese. Your cheese is finally ready and you can sprinkle that on your dough same as with your tomatoes. Ow, did i forget to mention the tomatoes, darn-itt. You will have to grow tomatoes on your plots. They take the whole night to grow. Finally now we can bake some Pizza. 

Pizza's you can never have to much in stock. The question remains, is it difficult to make a pizza? No its not as long as you make the cheese on time and grow your tomatoes during a long time not playing Hay Day. For do-ability it gets a B-rating.

Steps to make it:

  1. Grow wheat on your crop fields (2 minutes);
  2. Grow tomatoes on your crop fields (6 hours);
  3. Make 1 cheese (60 minutes);
  4. Make 1 pizza (15 minutes).
Total Time from scratch:

6h15m just for 1 pizza, every extra pizza will take 15 minutes longer as long you have cheese in stock and grow your tomatoes on time. Some ingredients you can make at the same time that will save some time.  When mastered you can save only 3 minutes on the pizza. Every extra pizza is 12 minutes.

Profitability (1 t/m 6)

The big question is now are you gonna make money on the pizza's? When you look at the numbers on the right, they are really nice. 760 coins in 1 hour and when you manage to get the bakery mastered it will give you a profit of 950 coins an hour. Hold the press....950 coins is nice but what if I sell my 5 cheese and 5 tomatoes? For 5 cheese I can get 612 coins and for the tomatoes 216 coins. 950 minus 838 = 112 coins. So you will make only 112 coins extra when you make the pizza's and sell them in your RSS. You need to figure this out yourself;-) Profitability is a big fat 1. 

Earnings in 60 time:

  • Bakery can make 4 pizza's in 1h = 760 coins (92 Exp.);
  • Bakery*** make 5 pizza's in 1h  = 950 coins (115 Exp.).

When items exceed the 1 hour we calculate approx. values. Note that hourly earnings are only the maximum items and under perfect playing conditions. Extra slots can help with that. No investment is needed.

Truck orders & Boat orders

  • Depending on level, boats require 1 to 3 flat round pizza's for each crate.
  • Children love pizza so you will find them on truck orders.

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