Bed and Breakfast

New town you always want to visit the bed and breakfast.  When you reach reputation level 5 you have to go to the bank again. 31000 coins you need to start building. You can go back to your farm now, building will take 1 day and 8 hours.

Bed and breakfast is important because it gives you many reputation points.

What makes your visitors happy?

Bed and Breakfast is nice. When you get up and smell the baked bacon or eggs with bacon in the morning. Visitors will ask items from

  • Crops
  • Animal Goods
  • Pillows
  • Blankets 
  • and more

Upgrading your town buildings (with a smile)

Each building has four different features you can upgrade like slots, coins, experience and time.

  • Slots: to get more demanding town visitors in the same building at the same time, from 1 initially to a maximum of 6.
  • Coins: to squeeze more money from the town visitors to fill your own pocket, from +5% to +60%.
  • Experience and reputation: to increase the amount of Experience and Reputation points earned per visitor, from +5% to +60%.
  • Time: to get rid of your visitors faster so they won't spend to much time in your building, from -5% to -40%.

  • When the diner is at level 1, serving time is 8 hours and you will earn 26 Reputation ;
  • After upgrading the serving time can be max 40% faster this will be 4 hours 48 minutes;
  • You can upgrade to max 60% extra Reputation and Experience you will get 16 extra Reputation points so that will be max 42 Reputation for each visitor.


Following items are needed.

Focus Points Bed and Breakfast

  • Visitors that are served in this building take a long time and for that it is important to help them before you lay down Hay Day for a longer time. Example: when you go to sleep.

Other town buildings

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