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Frutti di Mare Pizza

Wow level 45 already, congratulations! Mario got you the recipe for the famous frutti di mare pizza. Wait did you say di MARE? Oh boy.....

Ingredients to make it: 1 cheese, 1 fish, 1 lobster tail, and 2 wheat.

PR-rating: C/1

Do-ability (A t/m F)

Even I don't like the smell of fish and lobsters I am happy to make this wonderful recipe from my uncle Mario the pizza baker. I need only some bandages because one of the lobsters bit me in my fingers when i try to help him to swim in my cooking pan. Maybe the water was a little to hot....don't know;-)

The fish fillet was a different story. Angus keeps chatting and making really awful sounds with his mouth especially when he drinks his coke zero. That thing he does reminds me of somebody, something with a hawk or Night....Oh well, I don't know for now. It took some time and ducktape but I caught my fish. Oh and forget the cheese, don't want to talk about that again. Auntie Claire gives me still the shivers.

Yes it's pretty difficult to make the frutti di mare pizza's. The Hay Day creators do know that so they made it a sport to ask a lot, sooo funny they are;-) For do-ability it gets a C-rating.

Steps to make it:

  1. Grow wheat on your crop fields (2 minutes);
  2. Catch a lobster tail in fishing area (total time 14 hours); 
  3. Catch a fish in fishing area (between 30m - 1h30m);
  4. Make 1 cheese (60 minutes);
  5. Make 1 frutti di mare pizza (15 minutes).
Total Time from scratch:
14h15m just for 1 frutti di mare pizza, every extra frutti di mare pizza will take 15 minutes longer as long you have cheese, lobster tails and fish in stock. Some ingredients you can make at the same time that will save some time.  When mastered you can save only 3 minutes on the frutti di mare pizza. Every extra frutti di mare pizza is 12 minutes.

Profitability (1 t/m 6)

Have fun making frutti di mare pizza is not everything. The ingredients are hard to make. Selling is not what I would do but you need to figure that out for yourself. When asked in truck orders or boat orders frutti di mare pizza's can earn you coins but also a lot of experience. 

If you want to sell 4 frutti di mare pizza's they are 1612 coins and that's done in 1 hour and when you manage to get the bakery mastered you can make a extra frutti di mare pizza that will give you a profit of 2015 coins an hour for total 5 frutti di mare pizza's. 

Question? Do you want to sell fish fillet and lobster tails in your RSS? Maybe now but when you get higher in level you will see that you need a lot of fish fillet and lobster tails to make other delicious products. Fish is very cheap (1=54 coins) and lobster tail sells for 201  coins and 1 cheese for 122 coins. If you sell 5 of each of them you will earn 5x54 + 5x201 +5x122= 1885 coins. 5 frutti di mare pizza's sells for 2015 - 1885 extra profit 130 coins. Profitability is again 1. 

Earnings in 60 time:

  • Bakery can make 4 frutti di mare pizza's in 1h = 1612 coins (192 Exp.);
  • Bakery*** make 5 frutti di mare pizza's in 1h  = 2015 coins (240 Exp.).

When items exceed the 1 hour we calculate approx. values. Note that hourly earnings are only the maximum items and under perfect playing conditions. Extra slots can help with that. No investment is needed.

Truck orders & Boat orders

  • Depending on level, boats require 1 to 3 hot flat round frutti di mare pizza's for each crate.
  • We love food with fish, definitely the frutti di mare pizza you will find them on truck orders.

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